9/1:  Heavy rain in the afternoon, then beautiful skies just in time for sunset.

9/2:  Fail

9/3:  Spent some quality time outside…no TV!

9/4:  Shawn grilled the best burgers I’ve ever had…picnic in the backyard, followed by a fire in the fire bowl and s’mores!  I also made some kickin’ homemade salsa & guacamole.  Yum!  For the salsa recipe, click here.  The only thing I do differently is add a couple cloves of garlic.  I always put it in the food processor.  For the guacamole, just save some of the un-processed salsa to mix with mashed up avocado.  mmm…

9/5:  Had Grandma Cat over for more grilling.  Steaks and veggies.  And a ride in the wagon for Grandma!

And then there’s this…

9/6:  Labor Day…and playing at the park.

9/7:  My wonderful husband DVRd a Dave Matthews Band concert that was on the other night, so we spent the evening jamming with DMB.  Ahh, the good life.

9/8:  Down with a cold.  I’m miserable.  Tried to find an appropriate picture online to represent how I feel, but that was difficult.  I did, however, find this Far Side cartoon (who doesn’t love the Far Side?)



8/24, 8/25:  No pictures.  I know, I’m slacking.

8/26:  Dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and trading in the kids’ meal prizes for ice cream.  Love these silly boys.

8/27:  Pulled the carrots tonight.  Freakishly huge (but kinda pretty) caterpillars were eating all the greens.  They also tore into my parsley.  grr.

8/28:  Nada.

8/29:  Shawn grilled some awesome steaks.  Delish.

8/30:  Again, no.  August was really hard for me.  Having a really hard time getting back into the swing of things.  Blah.

8/31:  Saw a beautiful rainbow headed for a Mickey D’s run for supper.


8/17:  Duncan’s first day of 2nd grade.  My baby is growing up!

8/18:  My first day of school with kids.  I was so busy, I didn’t even remember I had a camera until I went to bed.

8/19:  No picture again today.

8/20:  Shawn’s Molcajete from El Charro.  It’s a saucy, fajita-like concoction that comes in a pig-shaped bowl made from lava rock.  It’s one of Shawn’s favorite things.

8/21:  We had a surprise birthday party for my grandma today.  It was awesome.  77 years young!

8/22:  The boys helping me fold laundry.

8/23:  A rare peaceful moment.  Duncan practicing his memory verse, and Jack coloring.


Getting back into the swing of things with school really kicked my butt.  Sorry for the delay in posting pictures.  I’ve been pretty hit & miss with even taking pics, too. 😦

8/10:  Jack being silly with busted goggles.

8/11: nothing

8/12:  Put windows in my windowless classroom! 🙂

8/13:  Jack’s first Wii bowling game.  We usually give him a remote to pretend with, but he really bowled tonight.  He did well…even got a strike by himself!

8/14:  A ridiculously hot day at Highland Springs Country Club in Springfield for a golf tournament.  Miserable hot.

8/15:  Duncan’s jigsaw puzzle just before being demolished.

8/16:  Uhh…


I’ve decided to do weekly posts, rather than daily, unless something happens & I can’t wait to share it. 🙂

8/2/10:  First day back in my classroom.  Rearranged, and it looks bigger!

8/3/10:  No picture. 😦

8/4/10:  My boy is a readin’ fool.  He got up, made his bed, and opened his book, all before coming out of his room for the day.  I hope he always loves reading this much.

8/5/10:  Playin’ at the park.

8/6/10:  Date night.  Dinner at Caldone’s (yummy!) and watched Julie & Julia. Loved the movie!  Didn’t get a picture of the restaurant (loser), but you can see Caldone’s website here.  The tiramisu was to die for.

8/7/10:  Deal of the day…vintage telephone table (tag called it a gossip table) for $20!!!  I’m going to paint it, and put new fabric (and some more cushion) on the seat.  Love it.

8/8/10:  We harvested some of Duncan’s carrots.  He was so proud!

8/9/10:  Taco night!  I made homemade salsa for the first time tonight.  The only ingredients that weren’t fresh from a garden (not all mine) were the onion and the cilantro.  I even used jalapeno!  Jalapenos scare me.  This was the first time I ever touched one…I was VERY careful.  Got the recipe from allrecipes.com (click here for the link).  What I like about this site is that you can recalculate recipes in case you want to make the recipe bigger or smaller.  Very handy. 🙂

8/1/10–Cherry Sours

Shawn loves these awful candies called cherry sours.  He was snacking on some after supper tonight, and Jack asked for one.  Shawn gave him part of one, and you can imagine the pucker.  He said he liked it, though.  He almost got through two of them before deciding he really didn’t like them.  Can’t blame him.  It’s like chewing sickly sour cough medicine.


For ease, I’m just putting the last week of July all in one post.

7/25/10:  Shawn, Duncan, & Grandad at the Manchester United/KC Wizards soccer game.

7/26/10:  Apparently, I didn’t take any pictures this day.  Fail.

7/27/10:  Grandma Cat stopped by for a short visit & to read stories.

7/28/10:  Someone who works at Price Cutter drives this boat…er, old school Oldsmobile Dynamic.  I love the fins and tail lights.  Had to get a few pictures.

7/29/10:  Free Tea Day at McAlister’s!

7/30/10:  Date night.  Dinner at Chatter’s, and movie, Salt. Highly recommend the movie.

7/31/10:  At Mom & Dad’s to pick up the boys.  Nephew I LOVED his Chocotaco!